William and Julia Ann (Sharp) Yost
William was the son of Clifford Yost and Elizabeth Silknitter

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PhYostWilliam,Stuart195.jpg (8287 bytes)
William Yost
(1839 - 1926)

PhYostSharpJuliaAnn,Stuart195.jpg (8249 bytes) 
Julia Ann (Sharp) Yost
(1842 - 1929)

PhYostJuliaSharpandMother195.jpg (9699 bytes)
Julia Ann (Sharp) Yost and
her mother, Martha (Hale) Sharp 

PhYostJuliaandsonWilliam1890-195.jpg (10282 bytes)
Julia Ann (Sharp) Yost and
her son, William Clifford Yost

PhYostWilliamSharpJulia0001-195.jpg (10113 bytes)
Julia and William

PhYostWilliamC.andwife195.jpg (9469 bytes)
Julia and William

PhYostWilliam60thAnnv.Invite195.jpg (10125 bytes)
Invitation to celebrate
their 60th wedding anniversary

PhYost60thAnniversary195.JPG (16371 bytes)
Yost family reunion
at 60th wedding anniversary

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