William Clifford Yost
grandson of Clifford and Elizabeth (Silknitter) Yost
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Ph05YostWilliamC.Portrait195.jpg (8456 bytes)

William Clifford Yost
(1869 - 1938)

Portrait of a young man

Ph04YostJuliaandsonWilliam1890-195.jpg (10282 bytes)
Mother and son

Ph05YostWilliamC.youngfrontiersman195.jpg (9887 bytes)
Posing as a frontiersman.

Ph05YostWilliamC.1909Philly195.jpg (9674 bytes)

In Philadelphia, 1909
Age 40


Ph05YostWilliamCRussellElizChas195.jpg (7646 bytes)
He married Elizabeth Hannah Russell
in 1895 at Stuart, Guthrie County, Iowa.
Their first son,
Charles Clifford was born 13 March 1896.

Ph05YostWilliamandfamily1901-195.jpg (8263 bytes)
Their first daughter, Alice Florence
was born 17 June 1900

The picture opposite was
probably taken in 1910
and includes, from the top:

Hannah Elizabeth and William Clifford
George Russell and Mary Loretta
Charles Clifford and Alice Florence
William Abraham and Martha Elizabeth

Lawrence Edward was not yet born.

Ph05YostWilliamFamily1909-195.jpg (10242 bytes)

Yost daughters, 1921

Daughters of William C. and Elizabeth H. (Russell) Yost:
Left to right:  Elizabeth Yost, Mary Yost, Jeane Hanson, Alice Yost.

Ph05YostWilliamCliffordSr.Jr1917-195.jpg (9826 bytes)

William Abraham Yost and his father.
Bill served in the Navy from 1924 - 1928

Ph05YostWilliamAliceHannahE195.jpg (9748 bytes)

The Yosts with daughter Alice
in 1928

William C. Yost family

Back row:  Elizabeth Hannah (Russell) Yost, William C. Yost, their son Charles C. Yost and their daughter Alice F. (Yost) Diederich.

Front row:  unidentified.

Russells and Yost family

Left to right:  first four are unidentified, then, Mrs. Abraham Russell, Charles C. Yost, Mrs William C. Yost, William C. Yost, Alice F. Yost and William Abraham Yost.

Ph05YostWilliamC.andwife1937-195.jpg (9816 bytes)

The Yosts about 1937

Ph07YostWC4Grandchildren0003-195.jpg (9854 bytes)

William Clifford Yost
with four grandchildren:

Ruth Elizabeth Williams
John William Diederich
Joseph Charles Diederich
Mary Janet Williams

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