Seidenstricker/Silknitter Family

Johann Heinrich Seidensticker = Anna Catherine Noelle

We are grateful to Carol and Richard Keister of Bellbrook, Ohio for this research report about Johann Heinrich Seidenstricker and Anna Catherine Noelle and their descendants.   Mary J. Knear, Carol's mother, also did a lot of research.

Jay L. Troxell of Hagerstown and Karen Price also contributed information.

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Johann Heinrich Seidensticker      (1720 - 17__)
Anna Catherine Noell                          (17__    - 17__)

Johann Heinrich2 (Johann Ebert1) Seidenstricker was born before 4 February 1720 at Siegen, Westphalia, now West Germany, the son of Johann Ebert  and Anna Catherine (Bilenbach or Schulze) Seidenstricker.  He was baptized 4 February 1720 at the Evangelische church at Siegen.

He died _____________________, age __, of _____________ at, probably, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and he is buried in __________ cemetery at ____________.    We have not found a record of his death.

He married Anna Catherine Noell 14 February 1747 at the Evangelische church at Siegen. Reverend _________________ presided. Witnesses were ______________ and _____________. The marriage is recorded in the records of the church.

She was born _____________ at _____________, ______________________, the daughter of _____________ and _____________ (___________) Noell.

She died _____________________, age __, of _____________ at, probably, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and she is buried in ___________ cemetery at ____________. We have not found a record of her death.

Johann Heinrich Seidenstricker, who could not write his own name, migrated to Pennsylvania  aboard the English ship, "Nancy," in the summer of 1750.  He may have been accompanied by wife and by his son, Henry, who was born at Siegen ___ September 1747.  After arriving at Philadelphia, the he took the required oaths of allegiance at the courthouse on 31 August 1750, signed with his mark, and the clerk wrote his name as "J. Henry Seydenstiker".

According to Karen Price, his daughter Anna Maria was baptized 2 September 1750 at Philadelphia.

Henderick Willem Stiegel, who became famous as an ironmaster and glassmaker at Manheim, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was a passenger on the same ship. According to list of signatories, there were 270 people aboard the ship but only 88 were required to sign. The rest were probably women and children.

We have not found many records of this family after they arrived in America.  According to Dick and Carol Keister, the Seidenstrickers had at least two additional children:  Abraham, born about 1774, and Henry, born about 1780.  However, these may be the children of their son Henry who was born in 1747.  There were undoubtedly other children, some of whom may have died in infancy.

Johann Heinrich and Anna Catherine (Noelle) Seidensticker are believed to have had at least three children:

Henry Seidenstricker............= Dorothea ____?_____
Anna Maria Seidensticker
Abraham Seidensticker

Sidenstricker Research Report

by Carol and Dick Keister


Johann Ebert Seydenstricker, probably born in Westphalia, Germany.

m. Anna Catherine Bilenbach or Schulze. There are two marriages listed in the IGI, both at the Evangelische Church in Siegen, Westphalia, German. A Johann Ebert married Anna Catherine Bilenbach Nov 24, 1711 and a Johann Ebert married Anna Catherine Schulze Nov 25, 1713. Looking at the spacing of the children suggests that the first Anna Catherine may have died.

According to the IGI, all children were christened at the Evangelische Church in Siegen, Westphalia.

1. Maria Barbara Seidenstricker chr. July 17, 1712

2. Maria Else Seidenstricker chr. July 22, 1712

3. Elizabeth Seidenstricker chr. June 25, 1713

4. Maria Catherine Seidenstricker chr. Feb 9, 1716

5. Johann Heinrich Seidenstricker b. ca. 1720 chr. Feb 4, 1720. See Generation II.



Johann Heinrich Seydenstricker b. ca. 1720 in Siegen, Westphalia. Came to America with his immediate family and, possibly several of his brothers on the 'Nancy' from Rotterdam, Holland. They arrived at Philadelphia Aug 31, 1750. (see Pennsylvania German Pioneers).

m. Anna Catherine Noelle Feb 14, 1747 at the Evangelische Church in Siegen , Westphalia. Children include:

1. Abraham Sydenstricker b.abt 1774 in Lancaster Co., PA. See Generation II.

2. Henry Sidenstricker b. abt 1780 in Lancaster Co., PA. d. Oct 17, 1860 in Greene Co., OH Went from Washington Co., MD to Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH before 1811. All of his grandchildren adoped the name Sidenstick. (Source: FGR provided by Jay Troxell)

m. Catherine Frost Nov 10, 1811 in Beavercreek Twp. She was b. abt 1781 in MD. d. Feb 3, 1883 in Greene Co. at age 102.

A. John Sidenstricker b. 1813 in Greene Co., OH.

m. Sarah Ann Helmer in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH. 4 ch.

B. Gavin/Gwinn Sidenstricker b. 1814 in Greene Co., OH. No information. d. young??

C. Simon Sidenstricker b. 1815 in Greene Co., OH

m. Juliann Oxley Aug 18, 1836 in Greene Co., OH. She was b. 1816. 6 ch.

D. Jacob Sidenstricker b. abt 1820 in OH.

m. Diana Fry. She was b. Feb 1823 in VA. 9 ch.

E. Daniel Sidenstricker b. abt 1820 in OH. d. before 1880.

m. Mary Ann b. Jan, 1818 in OH. 3 ch.

F. Christina Sidenstricker b. 1827 in OH.



Abraham Syderstricker b. abt 1774 in Washington Co., MD. d. before 1820. Resided in Washington Co. (near Hagerstown), MD. In the 1790 census he was listed alone as being 16 or older. By 1800, he was married and had one child. From 1820 on, only his wife, Elizabeth was listed.

m. Elizabeth Funk. b. ca. 1773, dau of Henry Funk and his wife Anna ShultzFunk (see FUNK genealogy). Elizabeth Siderstick was mention in both Henry Funk's will on April 18, 1817, and in Ann Funk's will on May 18, 1825. SEE TEXT OF HENRY's WILL BELOW.

1. Elizabeth Siderstick / Sidenstricker

m. William Bender Sept 6, 1824 in Washington Co., MD.

2. John Siderstick / Sidenstricker

m. Mary Driver Jan 29, 1835.

3. Mary Siderstick / Sidenstricker

m. Joseph Funk Aug 26, 1822 in Washington Co., MD.

4. Susan Siderstick / Sidenstricker

m. Samuel Furry May 5, 1830 in Washington Co., MD

5. Nancy Siderstick / Sidenstricker b. March 2, 1799 in Beaver Creek, Washington Co., MD. d. Apr 25, 1890 at Funkstown, MD. (Information on this family from Jay Troxell of Hagerstown, MD who is a descendant of this branch of the family).

m. David Shilling April 11, 1819 in Funkstown, Washington Co., MD. He was b. July 3, 1790 in Funkstown son of Phillip Shilling and his wife Anna Catherine Knochel. d. March 10, 1860 at Funkstown, MD. MarchNancy's mother Elizabeth (insane) was living with this family in 1850. All children b. in MD.

A. Henry Shilling b. 1820 in Funkstown, MD. d. Oct 19, 1886 at Funkstown.

m. Harriet South Oct 19, 1886.

B. Samuel Philip Shilling b. May 4, 1822. d. Nov 15, 1893 at Hagerstown, MD. Wagoner.

m. Isabella J. French Oct 22, 1856 in Washington Co., MD.

C. Elizabeth Shilling b. 1823 at Funkstown. d. after 1870 in Funkstown, MD.

m. Levi W. Troxell March 15, 1849 in Washington Co., MD.

D. William David Shilling b. March 28, 1826 at Funkstown, MD. d. Sept 12, 1872 at Funkstown, MD..

m. Hannah S. Long March 25, 1850 in Washington Co., MD.

E. John Shilling b. 1829 at Funkstown, MD. m. Margaret A. _____

F. Sarah Anne Shilling b. 1829 at Funkstown, MD. d. Dec 22, 1872 at Funkstown.

m. William South Oct 11, 1848 in Washington Co., MD.

G. Benjamin Franklin Shilling b. March 8, 1833 in Funkstown, MD.

m. Margaret ____

H. Naomi Catherine "Annie" Schilling b. April 16, 1835 in Funkstown, MD. d. May 9, 1918 in Hagerstown, MD.

m. Joseph Flora

m. William South June 7, 1881 in Washington Co., MD.

I. Malinda Schilling b. 1838 in Funkstown, MD. d. Jan 11, 1918 in Funkstown., MD.

m. William H. Myers Dec 25, 1857

J. Susan Maria Shilling b. 1841 in Funkstown, MD. d. June 15, 1921 in Hagerstown, MD.

m. John Riddle Stouffer Jan 18, 1860

6. Amelia Siderstick / Sidenstricker b. March 12, 1812 in Washington Co., MD. d. Aug 16, 1864 in Washington Co., MD.

m. David William Rohrer March 15, 1836 in Washington Co., MD. He was b. Jan 16, 1812 in Washington Co., MD. d. June 22, 1899 in Dixon, Lee Co., IL.

A. John Henry Rohrer b. Aug 5, 1858 in Washington Co., MD. He was b. March 13, 1837 in Washington Co., MD. d. Jan 25, 1863.

m. Cecilia Ann Herd Aug 5, 1858 in Washington Co., MD.

B. Daniel Webster Rohrer b. Oct 18, 1840 in Beaver Creek, Washington Co., MD. d. Dec 2, 1917 in Hagerstown, MD.

m. Mary Catherine Nelson

C. David Rohrer b. 1846

D. Sarah Rohrer b. 1849

E. Susan Rohrer b. Mar 22, 1843 in Beaver Creek, Washington Co., MD.

m. Lawson Buzzard

7. Solomon Sidenstricker b. Nov 22, 1814 in Washington Co., MD. See GENERATION II for details.



Solomon Sidenstricker b. Nov 22, 1814 (Troxell gives this date as Dec 14, and a calculation from the obituary results in Nov 22, 1813) in Washington Co., MD (his obituary says Lancaster Co., PA, but the family may have been confused with where the family origins were). d. Feb 25, 1893 in Baltimore MD. By 1870, the family had relocated to Montgomery Co., OH, probably Washington Twp. but by 1880 were living in nearby Spring Valley in Greene Co. Solomon was visiting his two sons, William and Abraham, in Baltimore at the time of his death. The body was returned to Ohio for burial at Bellbrook Cem.

OBITUARY from Bellbrook Moon, Vol 1, page 23

Solomon Sidenstricker was born in Lancaster County, PA [?] November 22, 1814. He departed this life February 25, 1893, aged 79 years, 3 months, and 3 days. He was married in Washington Co, Md., and came to Ohio shortly afterwards and settled near Bell Brook, where he resided all his life, except the last 4 months spent in Baltimore, Md. He was the father of nine children, eight of whom survive and mourn his death. Mr. Sidenstricker was blessed with a strong physical constitution. His like the strongest had to submit to that enemy, that has conquered millions. Let us also be ready as we know not the hour when the Reaper shall cut us off.

From the Xenia Gazette, March 4 or 7, 1893

Mr. Sidenstricker about four months ago went to visit his son Abram Sidenstricker at Baltimore, MD, and last Saturday Feb 25, 1893 his spirit returned to the God that gave it. He was aged seventy-nine years three months and three days. His body was brought to this place for burial. His funeral was preached in the M.E. church today (Wednesday) by Rev. Gaddis from these words, "If a man die, shall he live again?". He leaves eight living children, William, Abram and Mrs. Kate Lafferty of Baltimore, Md., Daniel of Bellbrook, Jacob E. of Dayton, Geo. W. of Alexanderville, O., C. Edward of St. Elmo, Tenn, Simon, who when last heard from was in Selma, Alabama, and one died in infancy.


m. Sarah Funk ca. 1840 in Washington Co., MD. She was b. Nov 1, 1819 in VA (probably in Frederick Co.) dau Rev. John Funk and his wife Susannah Stover (see FUNK Genealogy) d. July 13, 1881 in Bellbrook, OH. Sarah's name was also listed as Frenk, probably a misread of Funk. Sarah was a 5th cousin of Solomon's. See also note under 5th child Margaret below. According to son George's second marriage, as recorded in Montgomery Co., OH, and according to son John Daniel's 1916 death certificate, Sarah's last name was Holbert. It is possible she had married previously. All children were b. in Washington Co., MD.

OBITUARY from Xenia Gazette, July 22, 1881 page 8, col 1

Bellbrook. We are called upon to record the death of old Mother Sidenstricker. She died on the 13th inst. of heart disease, In her 64th year, and was buried in the cemetery here on Friday, the 15th.

1. Capt. William H. Sidenstricker b. July 21, 1840 in Beaver Creek, Washington Co., MD. d. July 22, 1904 in New York City, while on a business trip. Bur. Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, MD. Civil War Veteran:

Enlisted Sept 30, 1861. Discharged 22 Feb 1864/5 as Captain in E Company (had also served as a Sergeant). On Aug 20, 1864, while wading the Potomac River at Harper's Ferry he contracted bilious fever.

He was a confectioner and baker. Resided on North Potomac and at 67 W. Franklin St in Hagerstown, MD. Described as 5'4-1/2" tall, fair complexion, light hair, grey eyes.


Obituary from THE DAILY MAIL, Hagerstown, MD, July 23, 1904.

Captain William H. Seidenstricker, a former well-known resident of this city, died on Friday at his home in New York from Bright's disease, aged 65 years. News of his death was announced here by telegram. Captain Seidenstricker was a native of Beaver Creek and came to Hagerstown when a young man learning the baking trade with George R. Bowman. At the outbreak of the war he enlisted in the Potomac Home brigade as one of the earliest volunteers. He was a private in Company E, and later promoted to sergeant. He participated in the battle at Gettysburg and elsewhere and later was appointed captain of Company E, Thirteenth Maryland Infantry, on March 1, 1865. In May he was mustered out. Returning to the city he opened a confectionery with his brother [Abraham] in the Winter building. Later he moved to N. Potomac Street and continued the business until going to Baltimore where he engaged in the manufacture of candy and afterwards became a traveling salesman traveling over the country and into Mexico and Canada. Capt. Seidenstricker was a member of the St. Paul's M.E. church and Reno Post, G.A.R. He was a member of the Odd Fellows and Knights of the Golden Eye, this city. He married Miss Mary E. Herbert, who survives with the following children: Mrs. William K. Hoffman, this city; Mrs. Edward L. Williamson, Baltimore, son Frank D.; sister, Mrs. Robert Lafferty; several brothers, near Dayton, Ohio. His remains will be brought here for interment.

The remains will arrive here tonight at 10:45 o'clock and be taken to the home of his son-in-law, W. K. Hoffman from where the funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, services by Rev. Dr. J. S. Kieffer; interment in Rose Hill cemetery. The pall-bearers will be from the G.A.R. and two lodges of which he is a member.

m. Mary E. Herbert June 15, 1865 in Saint Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, Hagerstown, MD. She was b. Feb. 13, 1842. d. after 1920.

A. Sarah (Sallie) Sidenstricker b. July 19, 1866

m. William K. Hoffman Sep 2, 1885 in the Zion Reformed Church, Hagerstown, MD. He was b. Sept 30, 1860 in Funkstown, Washington Co., MD. d. Oct 6, 1932 in Hagerstown, MD. See note on Hoffman Family below.

(1) Mary E. Hoffman b. ca. 1890

(2) Clara L. Hoffman b. Aug 2, 1886 d. March 7, 1899.

(3) William C. Hoffman b. ca. 1891

(4) Robert V. Hoffman b. ca. 1893

(5) ? Hoffman b. after 1889 d. 1906

B. Charles W. Sidenstricker b. 1868 d. 1870 bur. Sec A, Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, MD.

C. Mary Louisa Sidenstricker b. 1870

D. Frank D. Sidenstricker b. ca. 1879

2. Abraham Sidenstricker b. May 25, 1842 in MD d. Nov 24, 1903 in Baltimore, of Bright's Disease. bur. Sec. B, Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, MD. Civil War Veteran: Enlisted in the Union Army on August 21, 1862 as a Private in Company H, 6th Regiment, of the Maryland Infantry. He was discharged May 2, 1864. He was injured Nov 29, 1863 in Culpepper County VA, when he fell on some logs and hurt his spine. Resided most of his married life at a rented house at 1001 Cathedral St, Baltimore, MD, where he worked as a confectioner. Described as 5'6" tall, of light complexion, light hair, blue eyes.




Solomon Sidenstricker

Obituary from THE DAILY MAIL, Hagerstown, MD, Nov 23, 1903.

Abraham Seidenstricker , a native of Beaver Creek, died Tuesday night in Baltimore from Bright's disease, aged about 60 years. He had only been bedfast for about ten days. Deceased was engaged in business in Hagerstown for a number of years with his brother W.H. Seidenstricker in the Winter building on W. Washington St. He was also engaged in business in Baltimore for a number of years.

Deceased was a Union verteran of the Civil War. He was a deacon in the First Reformed church in Baltimore, and one of the older members of Potomac Lodge I.O.O.F., this city. Surviving are his wife, who was Miss Mary McCardell, a sister of Messrs. W. H. and O. D. McCardell, this city, but no children. His brother Capt. W. H. Seidenstricker, and several sisters also survive.

The remains will be brought to Hagerstown on the W. M. train at noon Friday and the funeral will take place from the train. Interment will be made in Rose Hill Cemetery, services by Rev. Dr. J. Spangler Kieffer. Pallbearers: G. W. Eyerly, D. M. Hurley, S. A. Suter, Geo. B. Oswald, George B. Burkhart, George P. Lambert.

m. Mary McCardell Nov 10, 1884 in MD. She was b. Aug 23, 1849 dau Wilfred D. McCardell and Catherine Humrichouse d. June 8, 1941 in Hagerstown, MD. bur. Sec. B, Rose Hill Cem., Hagerstown, MD. See note on family below. No ch. Was living at 146 N. Potomac, Hagerstown, MD in 1920. No ch.

3. Mary Catherine Sidenstricker b. ca. 1844. d. Feb 6, 1917.

m. Robert Lafferty. res. Baltimore, MD.

4. John Daniel Sidenstricker b. March 12, 1846 d. May 30, 1916.


5. Margaret A. Sidenstricker b. 1848 in Beaver Creek, Washington Co., MD. d. July 13, 1856 in Beaver Creek 7 yrs 10 mo 23 da. bur. Beaver Creek Cem, Dunkard Church. Also buried there are her grandparents Rev. John Funk (b. May 20, 1790 d. April 16, 1851) and his wife Susan (b. May 14, 1793 d. April 7, 1860).

6. Jacob E. Sidenstricker b. March 11, 1851 in Beaver Creek, Washington Co., MD d. Oct 27, 1921 Working as farm labor with John Bellville in 1870, and with Daniel Apple in 1880, both in Washington Twp., Montgomery Co. Residing in Dayton at 209 S. Cincinnati in 1900 and 237 S. Williams in 1910.

m. Mary E. Butt May 1, 1879 in Montgomery Co., OH. (Marriage Records Vol. N page 421). Mary was b. in May, 1856.

7. George W. Sidenstricker b. Sep 13, 1853 in Beaver Creek, Washington Co., PA. d. April 10, 1916 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH.


BELLBROOK NEWS: Daniel Sidenstricker received word Tuesday morning of the death of his youngest brother, George Sidenstricker. Mr. Sidenstricker was born in Maryland. He came to Ohio when a young man and located in Dayton where he spent the greater part of his life. The following lines are from "The Dayton Journal" of April 13: "The funeral of George W. Sidenstricker, 62, who died at 8 o'clock Monday night, at his home, will be held at 1:30 o'clock this afternoon from the residence and at 3 o'clock from Zion Reformed church. Burial will be made in Zion cemetery." A number of relatives from here attended the funeral Thursday.


m. Sarah Jane Butt on Nov 25, 1875 in Montgomery Co. (Marriage Records Vol L page 521). She was b. in Nov, 1853 and d. before 1913. They resided in Washington Twp., Montgomery Co., OH in 1870, where he was a farm hand for Eliza Wall. By 1900, he had his own farm in Washington Twp. Listed in 1913 as a Machine Hand.

A. Anne Sidenstricker b. ca. 1876

m. Charles Hoel Dec 11, 1895 in Dayton, OH (Montgomery Co. Vol 2, p.84).

(1) Bernard Hoel

B. Harry C. Sidenstricker b. Nov, 1881.

m. Mary A. (Geis) Bates (her second marriage) July 15, 1913 in Montgomery Co., OH by Rev. H.H. Hartman (Montgomery Co. Marriage Record Vol. 59, page 234). She was b. 1868 in Wapakoneta, Auglaize Co., OH the dau of Michael Geis and his wife Matilda Snyder.

8. Charles Edward Sidenstricker b. 1857. 1893 residence was St. Elmo, TN.

m. Minerva Jan Forsythe Oct 27, 1876. She was b. 1860 in OH.

9. Simon Peter Sidenstricker b. ca. 1864. Resided in Dayton, OH, 1882-3. Last known address was in Selma, AL as listed in his father's 1893 obituary..



John Daniel Sidenstricker b. March 12, 1846 in Washington Co., MD. d. May 30, 1916 in Bellbrook, Greene Co. OH. Civil War Veteran: He was in the 210th Regiment, Company B Pennsylvania Volunteers on the 16th day of September, 1864. He was discharged on May 30, 1865 near Alexandria, VA.

From Regimental Histories, p. 1625

210th REGIMENT INFANTRY: Organized at Harrisburg September 12-24, 1864. Ordered to join Army Potomac before Petersburg, Va. Attached to 3rd brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps, Army Potomac.

SERVICE. - Siege of Petersburg, Va., October, 1864, to April, 1865. Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher's Run, February 5-7, 1865. Appomattox Campaign March 28-April 9. Lewis Farm near Gravelly Run March 29. White Oak Road March 30-31. Five Forks April 1. Appomattox C. H. April 9. Surrender of Lee and his army. March to Washington, D.C., May 1-12. Grand Review May 23. Mustered out May 30, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 3 Officers and 37 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 44 Enlisted men by disease. Total 85.


From Xenia Daily Gazette, May 31, 1916


For the first time in many years Bellbrook veterans of the Civil War marched to the cemetery on the hill yeasterday to deck the graves of their comrades, without their old color bearer.

Daniel Sidenstricker, who had proudly borne the flag at the head of the marching column, every Memorial Day since the observation of the holiday began in the village, lay dead in his home. The stirring music of the band, the tread of marching feet of his comrades, the flowers borne by white frocked little girls, for the first time made no appeal to him. He died on the day which for the best half of a century, he had been wont annually to observe.

The aged man had been ill for some time. His heart was weak, and his physician had warned him that death might come at any moment. But yesterday was Memorial Day. He wanted to be taken out on the porch so that he might hear the band play, and later see the procession start for the cemetery. He reached the kitchen, but was too weak to go further, and sat down in a chair. At 12:05 o'clock, just as the band began playing in the square, he fell from his chair, dead.

Daniel Sidenstricker was one of the youngest soldiers who enlisted in the Union Army. When he was only 16, he joined a Pennsylvania regiment, and because of his minority, his father secured his discharge. He ran from home and re-enlisted, and served for three years. Born in Maryland, March 12, 1846, he came to Ohio in 1867, and worked in Sugarcreek Township. He married Rebecca Webb in 1868, and she survives him with these children: William and John of Bellbrook; Harvey, of Miamisburg; Charles, of Belmont; Mrs. Laura Funnell, of Cincinnati, Mrs. Ella Mustmoth [Wasmuth] of near Pittsburgh; and Mrs. Maud Douthett, of Xenia. One brother, Jacob, of Dayton, survives. Another brother, George, died seven weeks ago.

In later years he had the newspaper agency in Bellbrook, handling papers of all surrounding cities, and he gave excellent service to his patrons. He was a member of Bird Post, G.A.R. at Spring Valley, and of the M. P. Church. Funeral services will be held Friday at 1:30 at the M.P. Church, and burial will be made in Bellbrook cemetery, where next Memorial Day sweet spring blossoms will be strewn over the mound of earth beneath which he rests.


John Daniel Sidenstricker

m. Rebecca Diane Webb Aug 2, 1868. She was b. May 21, 1849 in Frankton, Madison Co., IN the daughter of Henry Webb and Rebecca Ann Martin. She d. Aug 28, 1920 in Bellbrook, OH. See WEBB GENEALOGY for details. All children b. in Greene Co., OH.

OBITUARY from Xenia Evening Gazette, Sept 7, 1920, p. 8, col 2.

Bellbrook. The death of Mrs. Rebecca Sidenstricker occurred at her home in the village Saturday. The cause of her death was probably due to a general breakdown which almost invariably comes to one of her age. Mrs. Sidenstricker was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Webb. She was born at Franklin [Frankton], Ind. May 21, 1849 and thus was past 71 years of age. She was married to Daniel Sidenstricker in 1868. Mr. Sidenstricker died on May 30, 1916.

She leaves five children as follows: William H. of Bellbrook; Harvey, of Miamisburg; Mrs. Ella Wansmith, of New Brighton, Penn.; Mrs. Laura Funnell of Cincinnati, and Mrs. Maude Douthett, of Xenia. She also is survived by 14 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. The only remaining members of her father's family are two brothers, John Webb, of Bellbrook and Jacob Webb, who resides in Indiana.

Funeral services for the deceased were held at M.P. church of which she was a member, Monday afternoon, and were conducted by Rev. Moon, of Centerville, after which burial was made in Bellbrook cemetery. The pallbearers were Wilson Bumgardner, J. R. Turner, D. H. Hopkins, John Stake, Geo. Pennewit, and J. M. Peterson. Her good works, which were many, are known to the large circle of friends, with whom she daily mingled.


Children of John Daniel and Rebecca Sidenstricker

1. William Henry Sidenstricker b. May 9, 1869 d. Nov 22, 1941. See GENERATION V.

2. John Daniel Sidenstricker b. Oct 1, 1870 d. Feb 21, 1920 resided in Bellbrook, Greene Co., OH.

m. Ellen May Guy July 20, 1898 in Greene Co. She was dau of William Guy and his wife Rebecca Reeder. She d. Sept 1, 1901 of uremic poisoning.

A. Harold Guy Sidenstricker d. age 40 of cirrhosis of the liver. In 1920, he was living with his grandmother and cousin Dorothy Cotterman, in Bellbrook.

m. Genevieve Carroll Aug 4, 1928 in Montgomery Co., OH (Vol 114 p. 122)

m. Alice Stephens (widow) on April 11, 1906. Her first husband was Alonzo Stephens who d. Jan 24, 1903. She was b. Nov 10, 1863 and d. Jan 28 1939 in Bellbrook, OH.


OBITUARY from Xenia Gazette, Jan 28, 1939:


Funeral Tuesday at 2 P.M. At Home

Mrs. Alice Stephen Sidensticker, 76, widow of John D. Sidensticker, died at the home of her son, Harry H. Stephens, near Bellbrook, Saturday at. 11:45 p.m. In failing health several months she had been seriously ill since January 6 and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage a few days before her death.

She was born November 10, 1863 and had resided in the Bellbrook vicinity many years. She was a member of the Friends Church. She was married twice, her first husband, Alonzo Stephens, preceding her in death on January 24, 1903. Her second husband died in 1919.

Besides her son she leaves five grandchildren, one great grandchild and a half-sister, Mrs. Charles Spencer, of Lebanon.

Funeral services will be conducted at the Stephens home Tuesday.


3. Ida May Sidenstricker b. July 3, 1878 in Xenia, OH d. Feb 27, 1902 of Consumption.

OBITUARY from Xenia Gazette, 1902:


At 2 o'clock this morning the spirit of Mrs. Frank Genier took its flight to the realms of the blessed. Ida Sidensticker was a daughter of J.D. and Rebecca Sidensticker, of Bellbrook. She was married about eight years ago last October to Mr. Frank Genier, who is occupying a responsible position with the Pennsylvania Central.

She was born July 1878 and was in her twenty-ninth year at death. Nearly all her life has been identified with the Presbyterian church to which she was very devoted. She was of a sweet, happy disposition, scattering sunshine and the perfumes of an upright life wherever she went, and contrary to the general rule, her long period of wasting disease did not mar those traits but served to intensify and sweeten them, an evidence of the goodness and purity that emanates from the touch of the hand of Divinity, and makes such a life a happy and glorious inspiration as it was with her.

The faithful husband and little daughter, the father and mother, four brothers and three sisters, who so lovingly ministered, and the aged Mr. Genier and daughters have the sympathy of the community in their loss. The sadness of the occasion carries to us the oft repeated admonition, "Be ye also ready."

The remains can be viewed from 5 to 8 o'clock to-morrow evening. Funeral services at the house Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. J. S. Eienburn. Burial will be at Woodland and will be private.

Ida May Sidenstricker

m. Frank Genier Oct 26, 1893 d. Aug 15, 1960

A. Frances Ione Genier b. Aug 16, 1894 in Xenia, OH d. Jan 31, 1986 in Bakersfield, CA.

m. Clarence Herbert Sutherland May 16, 1912 in Las Vegas, NV at the bride's home. He was b. March 23, 1892 in Chicago, IL dau of Clarence H. Sutherland and his wife Bertha Minnie Oelka d. Jan 6, 1969 in Los Angeles, CA. Worked for Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, Santa Fe RRs as fireman, brakeman, and conductor.

(1) Lorna Catherine Sutherland b. Sept 10, 1913 in San Bernardino, CA.

m. Clyde Windel Hicks Sept 10, 1913 in Riverside, CA. He d. in 1971.

a. Barbara Joann Hicks b. Nov 12, 1936 in San Bernardino CA.

m. George Fassig Jan 18, 1954

i Linda Louise Fassig b. May 23, 1958

ii Karen Denise Fassig b. Feb 7, 1961 d. Aug 4, 1983.

b. Linda Hicks

m. Joel Schwartz July 29, 1987.

i Spencer Keegan Schwartz b. Oct 4, 1989.

ii Abigale Catherine Schwartz b. Dec 19, 1991.

(2) Lois Ione Sutherland b. Jan 31, 1918 in Las Vegas, NV.

(3) Clarence Herbert, Jr. "Bud" b. Nov 22, 1919 in San Bernardino, CA d. July 17, 1963 in Palo Verde, CA. In US Navy 1939 - 1945. Was at Pearl Harbor when attacked.

m. Catherine Adele ______ in Long Beach area in 1940's. Divorced in 1948. no ch.

m. Ann Madeline Buckley May 24, 1949 in Las Vegas, NV. Divorced in 1953. No ch.

m. Carol J. (Painter) Dunwoody June 7, 1955 in Yuma Co., AZ. No ch.

B. Boy d. just after birth. bur. Woodlawn Cem., Xenia.

4. Jacob Harvey Sidenstricker "Harvey" b. July 16, 1874 d. Nov 28, 1940 in Montgomery Co., OH. According to Mary Knear,

"Harvey was a blacksmith in Miamisburg, OH when I knew him. One time when my parents and I stopped to see him in his shop, I had my thumb in the car door when it  was accidentally shut. My scream of pain brought Harvey running out to see what was wrong. He carried me into the shop and put my thumb in the tub of cold water to ease the pain."

m. Myrtle Nancy Nayge She was b. Oct 18, 1874.

A. Helen Alice Sidenstricker b. 1896.

m. Harry Durbin

B. Charles Leroy Sidenstricker b. 1898 m. Helen ____

m. Rosetta Shoemaker. She was b. Jan 4, 1884, dau of William Shoemaker and his wife Louisa Edwards.

m. Minnie Harper May 28, 1914 in Warren Co., OH. She was b. Aug 7, 1895, dau of Samuel Harper and his wife Rebecca Brace. d. March 19, 1973. After she and Jacob were divorced, she married George Jones b. 1891 d. 1962). They are both buried in Wood Hill Cem. in Franklin Twp., Warren Co. p. 124 in Cem. book.

C. Wilbur Harper Sidenstricker b. July 6, 1915 d. Jan 18, 1979.

m. Celia Agnes Nolan She was b. July 3, 1915.

(1) Mary Eileen Nolan b. Nov 28, 1942

m. William Meyer

i. Christopher Meyer

ii. Joan Meyer

m. James Parker

D. Mary Elizabeth Sidenstricker b. April 4, 1917 in Miamisburg, OH. d. June 14, 1986. Took Catholic instructions and converted in December, 1941.

m. Elmer John Wuerstl Dec 20, 1938 in Newport, KY. The ceremony was repeated in St. Mary's Church, Dayton on Nov 29, 1941. Elmer was b. Feb 15, 1913 in Dayton, OH d. August 13, 1986.

(1) Frances Irene Wuerstl b. Aug 21, 1940 in Dayton, OH.

m. Gregory Albert Mounier July 10, 1971 at Ascension Catholic Church, Kettering, OH. He was b. July 16, 1940 in Philadelphia.

a. Jeanne Marie Mounier b. Sept 28, 1978 in Dayton, OH

(2) Janice Eileen Wuerstl b. July 27, 1947 in Dayton.

m. James Allen Bruner June 24, 1977 in Dayton. They divorced March 29, 1991. James was b. Nov 22, 1944.

a. Jennifer Emily Wuerstl, adopted dau. b. Oct 19, 1982. Adopted at 1 yr.

m. Ivy Myrtle Ogden Nov 19, 1934. She was b. Dec 5, 1891 (Vol 131 p. 123, Montgomery Co.). She was the daughter of William Mefford and his wife


John Daniel Sidenstricker

Rebecca Shell. She had been previously m. to Clinton Ogden.

5. Sarah Ella ("Ellen") Sidenstricker b. Nov 22, 1876 d. Feb 17, 1935. Nurse. Resided in Beaver Falls, PA.

m. Charles Kemp "Kempie" May 26, 1897. Divorced No ch. Lived in Bellbrook house now occupied by Tobias funeral home. Inherited close to $1,000,000 from a relative who earned it in the Texas oil business -- apparently squandered all of the money, which probably cost him his marriage. He was living with mother-in-law, Rebecca Sidenstricker in 1920.

m. George Oliver Wasmuth b. ca. 1884 in PA. Resided in Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA.

A. Helen May Wasmuth b. June 12, 1916 in PA.

6. Charles Foster Sidenstricker b. Sept 25, 1878 d. Aug 19, 1918 resided in Belmont (now Dayton), Montgomery Co., OH.

m. Edna Stella Engle Jan 28, 1903. She was the daughter of David Engle and his wife Clara Glosser.

A. Edna Sidenstricker

m. M. Kyle Keelor

(1) Geraldine Keelor

(2) Robert Keelor

7. Laura Frances Sidenstricker "Cassie" b. Aug 10, 1881 in Xenia, OH d. Jan 18, 1934 in Cincinnati, OH.

m. William Cotterman on Oct 11, 1904 (Vol. 35, p. 139, Montgomery Co.)

A. Dorothy Mildred Cotterman b. June 15, 1906 in Montgomery Co. d. Feb 13, 1997 in San Diego, CA. Buried in Portland, OR. Resided in the west for many years.

m. William Ellis Aug 4, 1926. He was b. July 3, 1901 in Athens, TN, son of William B. Ellis and his wife Tina Jane Morris.

(1) Wilma Vestie Ellis b. Dec 13, 1925

m. Jack Stegmuller June 17, 1945

a. George Alexander Stegmuller b. Jan 29, 1947.

m. Carol ____

i Sarah Stegmuller b. March 25, 1979.

b. Laura Jane Stegmuller b. Oct 1, 1948

m. _____ Beausoliel

i Connally Beausoliel b. Nov 22, 1971.

c. James Beryl Stegmuller b. 1952.

m. Charie ______

i Rex Stegmuller

ii Charise Ellis Stegmuller


John Daniel Sidenstricker

(2) Dorothy Mildred Ellis b. Jan 21, 1928. 1994 residence is San Diego, CA.

m. John Fox Nov 1, 1945. He d. 1985.

a. William Fox b. 1946 d. 1978

b. John Joseph ("Joe") Fox b. May 4, 1949

m. ??

i John Joseph Fox, Jr. b. ca. 1975.

m. Jacinta _______

ii Melanie Fox b. July 3, 1985

c. Linda Marie Fox b. Dec 14, 1950

m. Neal McCarthy He was b. June 12, 1950. Ch. b. Boise, ID.

i Kevin McCarthy b.June 21, 1975

ii Robbie McCarthy b. Dec 17, 1976

iii Dennis McCarthy b. Dec 21, 1978

iv Christine McCarthy b. Aug 16, 1981.

(3) Susan Joanne Ellis b. Jan 20, 1937. 1994 res. is Okanogen, WA

m. Robert Hamilton in 1955. Divorced after 1962.

a. Robert John Hamilton b. Feb 27, 1956

b. Valerie Jean Hamilton b. March 1957

c. David Lynn Hamilton b. Apr 12, 1959

d. Patti Ann Hamilton b. Oct 24, 1962

m.(?) Harris

i Brianna Susan Glenda Hamilton-Harris. b. Nov 15, 1991.

m. Frank Fry in 1979

e. Joseph Richard Fry b. July 18, 1980

(4) Mary Eileen Ellis b. May 23, 1944. 1994 residence was Beatrice, NE.

m. Kenneth McQueen Jan 12, 1963

a. Heidi Marie McQueen b. May 14, 1964 d. Aug 21, 1992.

m. Robert Hansen


b. Mary Margaret McQueen b. Feb 3, 1967

m. Blaine Tirrell

i Isaac Blaine Tirrell

ii Noah Victor Tirrell b. Dec 13, 1993.


c. Carolyn Leigh McQueen b. Dec 2, 1969

m. ?? Divorced

i Michael McQueen

m. Kary Burt Divorced

ii Karryn Heidi McQueen b. June 6, 1993.


d. Kenneth Alexander McQueen III b. Aug 4, 1977


e. Elizabeth Catherine "Beth" McQueen b. Aug 4, 1979.

m. George Funnell in 1910 in Cincinnati, OH d. 1931

m. Thomas Kyle in 1932 in Cincinnati, OH d. Jan 17, 1934


8. Maude Belle Sidenstricker b. Nov 9, 1883 d. Nov 2, 1954

OBITUARY from Xenia Gazette, Nov 2, 1954:

Mrs. Maude B. Douthett, 70, wife of Harold C. Douthett, died Tuesday at 3:15 a.m. at her home at 210 E. Third St. In failing health several years, she had been seriously ill six months.

A lifelong Greene Countian, Mrs. Douthett was born at Bellbrook, Nov. 9, 1883, the daughter of Daniel and Rebecca Webb Sidenstricker. Her marriage to Mr. Douthett took place Nov. 20, 1902. She was a member of the Second United Presbyterian Church, Obedient Council of Daughters of America and Phoenix Rebekah Lodge.

Besides her husband she is survived by a son J. Robert Douthett of Pittsburgh; two daughters, Mrs. R. E. Lackey of Xenia and Mrs. Robert E. Hussey, near Xenia; six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She was the last member of her immediate family. A son, Walter, one grandchild and one great-grandchild preceded her in death. Services will be held Friday at 3 p.m. at Neeld Funeral Home. Rev. John Ray Louden, pastor of the Second U.P. Church, will officiate and burial will be in Bellbrook Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Thursday from 4:30 to 6 or 7 to 9 p.m.

Maude Belle Sidenstricker

m. Harold Douthett Nov 20, 1902. He was b. Oct 5 1880 probably in Xenia, son of Joseph Douthett and his wife Margery Chambers. They resided in Xenia.

A. Joseph Robert Douthett b. Dec 1, 1903 d. July 27, 1971

m. Olivia Young June 15, 1929. Adopted 2 sons.

(1) William Harold Douthett b. June 8, 1935

(2) Charles Douthett b. July 20, 1939

B. J. Walter "Bud" Douthett b. July 14, 1905 d. Dec 3, 1938.

NEWS ITEMS from Xenia Gazette


Walter 'Bud' Douthett Succumbs to Skull Fracture Saturday.

The manner in which John Walter "Bud" Douthett, 33, of 117 High St., suffered a skull fracture, from which he died shortly after 3 p. m. Saturday in McClellan Hospital, is being investigated by authorities.

Mr. Douthett, a WPA worker, who had been employed irregularly, was found unconscious at 1 a.m. Saturday at the foot of a high wall in an alley adjoining the residence of Frank Schweibold, Chestnut St. Gravity of his condition was not realized immediately, nor made apparent in the rirst report to police, who did not open an inquiry until the injury proved fatal.

Although not overlooking possibilities Mr. Douthett had been struck by an auto or had met with foul play, Coroner H. C. Schick said the best evidence pointed to an accidental injury, the result of a fall, which will be his verdict unless information supporting one of the alternate theories is made available. Mr. Douthett was last seen at 8 p.m. Friday.

Coroner Schick said the most logical explanation was that he mistook the Schweibold residence for his own home, a block away. He presumably mounted the fron porch steps, took of the jacket and overalls he was wearing over his clothers, realized the mistake in address, walked away in the wrong direction, down an embankment, and fell off a five-foot wall into the alley, striking his head on the pavement.

Assuming these to be the true circumstances, the coroner said Mr. Douthett must have lain unconscious in the alley until he was found by Eugene Wead, Chestnut St., who was returning home from work. The injured man was removed to his home and later to the hospital, upon the advice of Dr. C. G. McPherson, whose preliminary examination indicated the skull fracture. He never regained conscious-ness.

Coroner Schick said the fracture was Douthett's only injury, apparently eliminating any likelihood he had been struck by an auto and knocked to the alley from the street, ten feet away. No evidence of foul play was discovered. The fact Mr. Douthett's outer garments were found near the porch steps supported the accidental fall theory, the Coroner said.

The coroner said, however, he had reached no definite conclusion in the case, and would withhold his verdict until, with the assistance of police, all possible clues had been examined.

Mr. Douthett, a lifelong Xenia resident, is survived by his widow, the former Alice Dillard, whom he married June 11, 1927; two children, Peggy Jo, 10, and John Robert, 3; his parents, Harold C. and Maude Sidenstricker Douthett, Xenia; a brother, J. Robert, of New Brighton, PA; and two sisters, Mrs. Robert Hussey, Xenia, and Miss Frances Aileen, at home.

Funeral services will be conducted at the home at 2 p.m. Tuesday, in charge of Dr. H. B. McElree and Mrs. DeElla Newlin, with burial in Woodland Cemetery. Friends may call at the home between 4 and 9 p.m. Monday.


J. Walter "Bud" Douthett

m. Alice Dillard June 11, 1927. After husband's death, she m. Wilfred Peele before 1944.

(1) Peggy Douthett Aug 31, 1928

m. Leonard Ross ("Pete") Hilderbrand Aug 10, 1946

(a) Rebecca Sue Hilderbrand b. April 26, 1949

m. Steven Lee Black April 27, 1974. He was b. Sept 9, 1948

i Mary Jo Black b. Feb 6, 1975

ii Stephanie Michelle Black b. Aug 17, 1978

iii Steven Leonard Black b. Aug 5, 1980

(b) David Leonard Hilderbrand b. and d. Aug 1, 1953.

(c) Leonard Ross ("Bud") Hildebrand, Jr. b. Oct 6, 1955. Unmarried.

i Joshua Hildebrand b. Feb 2, 1979

(2) John Robert Douthett b. May 7, 1935 d. May, 1944.

NEWS ITEM from Xenia Gazette, May 22, 1944:


Xenia relatives were awaiting further word Monday concerning John Robert Douthett, 3 [should be 9], son of Mrs. Wilfred Peele, Nahant, Mass., former Xenian, believed to have been drowned Thursday night while wading on the beach at Bass Point, Nahant.

A telegram received late Saturday by Mrs. Vernon Hampton, S. Detroit, from her brother, Pvt. Wilfred Peele, the child's stepfater, stationed at Fort Ruchman, Mass., said the boy had not been found and it was believed his body had been washed out to sea.


C. Helen Louise Douthett b. July 26, 1912

m. Robert Hussey Dec 20, 1930. He d. Jan 11, 1972.

(1) Sally Hussey b. Dec 6, 1942. res. Elkhart, IN.

m. William Stephens June 15, 1962.

(a) Jennifer Ann Stephens [Korean] Adopted Aug 19, 1979.

D. Frances Aileen Douthett b. Sept 15, 1926

m. Robert Lackey Aug 23, 1947. He was b. March 4, 1926. 1994 residence was Bethany, OK.

(1) Daniel Robert Lackey b. Sept 8, 1951

m. Mary Ann Lesh Oct 15, 19__

(2) David Ellsworth Lackey b. Sept 5, 1952

m. Terran Baker May 29, 1980. She was b. March 16, 1956.

(a) Simone Chandler Lackey b. Nov 12, 1989

(b) Anna Hastings Lackey b. Nov 20, 1992

9. Emma Louise Sidenstricker b. Aug 18, 1886 d. April 22, 1891

bur. in Sidenstricker lot in the Bellbrook Cemetery.



William Henry Sidenstricker b. May 9, 1869 in Bellbrook, Greene Co., OH. d. Nov 22, 1941 in Bellbrook.

OBITUARY from Xenia Daily Gazette Nov 22, 1941

William H. Sidenstricker, 72, died suddenly of a heart attack at his home in Bellbrook Saturday morning at 9:10 o'clock. He had suffered from heart disease two years and had been ill three days preceding his death.

Born near Bellbrook May 9, 1869, he had resided in the Bellbrook community the greater part of his life and formerly was employed as an iron and concrete worker by a bridge company.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Miriam Jones Sidenstricker; two daughters, Mrs. Ivy Jones and Mrs. Lila Shelton, Dayton; a granddaughter, Mrs. Mary Knear, Dayton, and a sister, Mrs. Maude Douthett, Xenia.

Funeral services will be conducted at the home Monday at 2 p.m. with burial in Bellbrook cemetery. Friends may call at the home Sunday afternoon or evening.


m. Miriam Abi Jones Feb 2, 1895 at Mt. Holly, Warren Co., OH. She was b. Nov 10, 1870 in Warren Co., OH the daughter of Charles Kay Jones and his wife Lydia Dakin. She was b. Nov 10, 1870 in Warren Co., OH d. Oct 27, 1957 in Dayton, OH. See JONES GENEALOGY Family 2 for DETAILS.

OBITUARY from the Xenia Daily Gazette Oct 28, 1957 page 2 col 1


Services for Mrs. W. H. Sidenstricker, 86, of W. Franklin St., Bellbrook will be conducted at Neeld Funeral Home Wednesday at 2 p.m. with Rev. Ernest Harlan officiating.

Burial will be in Miami Cemetery at Corwin. Friends may call at the Funeral Home Tuesday from 4 to 6 and from 7 to 9 p.m. Mrs. Sidenstricker died unexpectedly at 10:30 a.m. at Grandview Hospital in Dayton where she had been a patient since Friday.

She was the daughter of Charles K. and Lydia Dakin Jones and was born in Warren County on Nov 10, 1870. She lived in the Bellbrook community most of her life. The widow of W. H. Sidenstricker whose death occurred in Nov. 1941. She was a member of the Full Gospel Assembly at Bellbrook.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Ivy Jones and Mrs. Lila Shelton, both of Dayton; a brother, J. B. Jones of Lytle; a granddaughter, Mrs. Mary Knear of Dayton and two great-grandchildren.


1. Ivy Marie Sidenstricker b. July 6, 1895 in Spring Valley, Greene Co., OH d. March 13, 1975 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH.

m. Alfred Doyle Jones April 29, 1915 in Bellbrook, Greene Co., OH. He was b. March 25, 1893 in Xenia, the son of Franklin Pierce Jones and his wife Laura Belle Doyle. He d. April 29, 1974 in Dayton. See JONES GENEALOGY, Family 1 for details.

2. Lila Sidenstricker b. June 29, 1897 in Greene County, OH. d. Oct 5, 1964 at Grandview Hospital, Dayton, OH. Cancer.

OBITUARY from a Dayton newspaper, 1964:

SHELTON, Mrs. Lila M., of 1322 Epworth Av. passed away at Grandview hospital 6:15 p.m., Mon. after a short illness. Born in Bellbrook, O., a Dayton resident 45 years. She attended Christian Tabernacle church and the City Rescue Mission. Survived by a sister, Mrs. Ivy M. Jones, a niece, Mrs. Mary J. Knear, both of Dayton, and several cousins. Services 1:30 p.m. Thurs. at the Schlientz & Moore Funeral home, 1632 Wayne Av., the Rev. George F. Gardiner officiating. Interment Miami cemetery. The family will receive friends at the funeral home from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m., Wed. It is the family's request that flowers be omitted.

m. Ralph Shelton b. Feb 15, 1890 at Aberdeen, Brown Co., OH, son of Evan Shelton and his wife Mary Martin. d. Dec 7, 1962 at the VA Hospital, Dayton, OH following a stroke. No children. Railroad detective. They resided in Dayton at 1322 Epworth Ave. Spent many winters in Sarasota, FL.

OBITUARY from a Dayton newspaper, 1962:

SHELTON, Ralph, of 1322 Epworth avenue passed away 8:30 p.m. Friday. Retired employee of B&O Railroad and World War I Navy veteran. Survived by wife, Lila; sister, Mrs. Dorothy Miller, and brother, Glen. Funeral services will be conducted 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Schlientz & Moore Funeral Home, 1632 Wayne avenue, by the Rev. George F. Gardiner. Interment Miami cemetery, Waynesville, O. The family will receive friends at the funeral home 3-5 and 7-9 p.m. Monday.


U.S. Census Information

1790 Washington Co., MD

Sydersticker, Abram 1 Male 0 - 16


1800 Washington Co., MD

Sidestricker, Abram 1 Male 26 - 45

1 Female 0 - 10

1 Female 16 - 26


1810 Washington Co., MD

Sidestricker, Abram 1 Male 16 - 26

1 Male 26 - 45

4 Females 0 - 10

1 Female 10 - 16

1 Female 26 - 45


1820 Washington Co., MD p. 93

Siderstick, Elizabeth 1 Male 0 - 10

1 Female 0 - 10

1 Female 16 - 26

1 Female 26 - 45


1830 Washington Co., MD p. 191

Siderstick, E. 1 Female 10 - 15

1 Female 40 - 50


1840 Washington Co., MD

Siderstick, Elizabeth 1 Female 5 - 10

1 Female 40 - 50

1 Female 50 - 60


1850 Washington Co., MD

Shilling, David 60 Mason $450 MD

" , Nancy 50 etc.

" , Benjamin 17

" , Amy 14

" , Malinda 11

" , Susan 9

" , Samuel 17

Siderstick, Elizabeth 77


1840 Washington Co., MD

Sidestrick, Solomon 1 Male 0 - 5

1 Male 20 - 30

1 Female 20 - 30


1850 Washington Co., MD

Sidestick, Solomon 35 Laborer MD

" , Sarah 32 etc.

" , William H. 9

" , Abraham 8

" , Mary C. 6

" , John Daniel 4

" , Margaret A. 1


1860 Washington Co., MD P.O. Boonsboro

Sidenstricker, Solomon 45 Fence Maker $125 MD

" , Sarah 42 etc.

" , William 20 Baker Apprentice

" , Abraham 18 Farmer

" , Catherine 16

" , Daniel 14

" , Jacob 9

" , George 7

" , Charles 3


1870 Montgomery Co., OH p. 796

Sidenstricker, Solomon 56 Farm laborer MD PA VA

" , Sarah 54 MD VA VA

" , Charles E. 14 MD MD MD

" , Simon Peter 7 etc.


1880 Spring Valley, Sugarcreek Twp., Greene Co., OH p. 368C

Sidenstricker, Solomon 66 MD PA VA

" , Sarah 60 MD VA VA


1860 Washington Co., MD P.O. Boonsboro

Sidenstricker, William 19 Bake for Geo. Bowman [listed twice]


1870 Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD p. 137

Sidenstricker, William 29 Confectioner MD 7000 RE 2000 Pers

" , Mary 28

" , Sarah 3

" , Louisa 1/12

Yowler , William Confectioner

" , Alice Domestic servant


1880 N. Potomac, Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD Sheet 13 Line 46 ED 3

Seidenstricker, William H. 39 Baker

" , Mary 38

" , Sarah 13

" , Mary L. 10

" , Frank 1


1860 Washington Co., MD 263 250

Adams, John 36

" , Elizabeth 36

" , Mary C. 8

Siderstick, Abraham 18


1900 1001 Cathedral St. Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD Vol 16 ED 162 Sht 10 Line 88

Sidenstricker, Abraham 58 b. May 1842 Confectioner

" , Mary A. 49 b. May 1851


1920 146 N. Potomac, Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD Vol 49 ED 160 Sht 13 Line 94

Sidenstricker, Mary 66

McCardell, Lucretia P. 60 sister


1870 Washington Twp., Montgomery Co., OH p. 785 Dw 31 Fam 31

Belville, John 71 Farmer DE 14000 RE 700 Pers

" , Elizabeth 69 PA

Sidenstricker, Jacob 19 Farm Labor MD

Moore, Ann 30 Domestic OH


1880 Washington Twp., Montgomery Co., OH

Apple, Daniel 41 Farmer OH PA PA

" , Elizabeth 35 OH PA PA

" , William H. 11 OH etc.

" , Kate A. 6

" , John F. _

" , Jacob Sidenstricker 30 Farm labor MD MD MD


1900 Hawthorn St., Dayton, Montg.Co., OH Vol. 112 ED 57 Sht 9 Line 55

Sidenstricker, Jacob 48 b. July 1851

" , Mary E. 44 b. May 1856


1910 Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH 135 0085 0077

Sidenstricker, Jacob E. 58

" , Mary E. 53

Butt, Mary A. 79 Mother-in-law

" , Joseph B. 60 Brother-in-law


1920 123 Hawthorne St. - Dayton, OH Vol. 157 ED 142 Sht 1 Line 37


Sidenstricker, Jacob E. 68

" , Mary E. 63

Butt, Joseph 70


1870 Sugarcreek Twp., Greene Co., OH

Wall, Eliza 68 Farming NJ 8000 RE 1090 Pers

" , Rebecca 52 cripple

" , Eliza 43 helps mother

" , Margaret 39 "

" , Eunia 26 "

" , Cornelius 23 works on farm

Pollock, Jennie 28 domestic servant

Sidenstricker, George 15 farm labor



1880 Miami Twp., Montgomery Co., OH Vol. 47 ED 172 Sht 28 Line 10

Sidenstricker, George 26

" , Sarah 26

" , Anne 4



1900 Washington Twp., Montg. Co., OH Vol. 115 ED 100 Sht 9 Line 94

Sidenstricker, George W. 46 b. Sept 1853

" , Sarah J. 47 b. March 1853

" , Harry C. 18 b. Nov 1881



1920 720 E. Fifth, Dayton OH Vol. 157 ED 192 Sht 4 Line 81

Sidenstricker, Harry 40 [?]



1870 Sugarcreek Twp., Greene Co., OH p. 235 Dw 79 Fam 81

Sidenstricker, Daniel 25 Laborer MD

" , Rebecca 23 OH

" , William 1 OH



1880 Sugarcreek Twp., Greene Co., OH p. 394 Dw 287 Fam 301

Sidenstricker, Daniel 34 Flour mill MD MD MD

" , Rebecca 31 IN OH OH

" , William 11 OH MD IN

" , John D. 10 etc.

" , Ida 7

" , Jacob H. 6

" , Sarah E. 4

" , Charles F. 2


1900 Bellbrook, Sugar Creek Twp., Greene Co., OH p.205A Dw 292 Fam 301

Sidenstricker, Daniel 54 Day labor MD MD MD

" , Rebecca 51 IN OH OH

" , Charles 20 OH MD IN

" , Maude 17 OH MD IN



1910 Maple St.,Bellbrook, Sugar Creek Twp., Greene Co., OH p.69 Dw 35 Fam 37

Sidenstricker, Daniel 64 PA MD MD

" , Rebecca 61 IN OH OH

" , Harold 11 grandson OH OH OH

" , Dorothy C. 3 granddaughter OH OH OH



1920 Maple St., Bellbrook, Sugarcreek Twp., Greene Co. Sup D 8 ED 168 Sh 1A

Sidenstricker, Rebecca 70 IN (Jan 2,3, or 5)

" , Harold 21 OH

Cotterman, Dorothy 13 OH

Kemp, Charles 47 Laborer OH



1900 67 W. Franklin St., Hagerstown, MD p. 185 A

Hoffman, William K. ? m. 14 yrs

" , Sarah 33 mother of 4 - 3 living

" , Mary 10

" , Wm. C. 9

" , Robert 7

" , Margaret 36 cousin from WV

Seidenstricker, Mary 58 mother-in-law m. 34 years

mother of 4 - 3 living



1900 Spring Valley Twp., Greene Co., OH

Sidenstricker, William 31 Rent Farm OH MD IN

" , Meriam 29 OH OH OH

" , Ivy 4 etc.

" , Lila 2



1910 Bellbrook, Sugar Creek Twp., Greene Co., OH p. 11A & B

Sidenstricker, William 40 OH MD IN

" , Mary A. 39 OH OH OH

" , Ivy 14 etc.

" , Lila 12

Schwartz, Carl 31 boarder [postmaster] (Jan 6)


1920 Franklin St., Bellbrook, Sugarcreek Twp., Greene Co. SD 2 ED 168 Sh 2B

Sidenstricker, William 50 OH MD IN Bridge Contractor

" , Miriam 49 OH etc.

" , Lila 22


1920 Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA Vol 52, ED 55 Sh 8 89

Wassmuth, George O. 36 b. PA

" , Sarah E. 42 OH

" , Helen M. 3-6/12 PA



In the Name of God, Amen. I Henry Funk of Washington County State of Maryland being sick and weak but of sound mind memory and understanding being desirous to settle my worldly affairs and thereby be better prepared to leave this world where it shall please God to call one hence, do therefore make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following. I commit my soul into the hands of almighty God and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors herein after named and after my debts and my funeral charges are paid and my wife's thirds taken out. I devise and bequeath as follows &c.

I Give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Siterstricker the sum of Eight hundred dollars to be paid to her or the heirs of her body in payments of two hundred dollars each, the first payment to be made one year after my decease and so on every second year until the whole of the Eight hundred dollars is paid, this she is to have or the heirs of her body out of my Estate real, personal or mixed and no more.

I Give and bequeath unto my daughter Nancy or her heirs the sum of fifteen hundred dollars to be paid to her, or the heirs of her body in payments of two hundred and fifty dollars each, the first payment to be made the second year after my desease, the second payment the fourth year after my death and so on every second year until the whole of the fifteen hundred dollars are paid. She shall also have three Good Milch cows, four sheep, one horse or mare valued at one hundred dollars.

I give and bequeath unto my three sons David, Henry, and Jacob or the heirs of their body all my lands and tenaments I am possessed of in this world wheresoever it can be found or discovered their heirs or assigns forever notice must be taken that they the money which my two daughters are to have is to be paid out of my real Estate by my three sons. My land is to be divided between those three as may best suit them but, should they not agree then each of my sons shall choos a man of sound Judgment and those three men shall divide and Equalize the said land for them and their Judgment from under their hands and seals shal be final. My moveable property what is left, I give and bequeath unto my three sons David, Henry and Jacob to be equally divided between them share and share alike. My outstanding debts, accounts notes Bonds and cash I give and bequeath unto my four children David Henry, Jacob and Nancy to be equally divided between them share and share alike.

And lastly I do nominate and appoint my three sons David, Henry, and Jacob, or any of the survivors Executors of this my last will and testament revoking and annulling all former wills by me heretofore by me made satisfying and conforming this and more after to be my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this this Eighteenth day of April Anno Domino one thoused eight hundred and seventeen.

Henry Funk


Signed and published and declared by Henry Funk the before mentioned testator, as and for his last will and testament in the presence of of us who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have signed our names as witnesses threto.

John Gray, Joseph Knelzer, John Witmer



On the 17th day of May 1817 came Henry Funk, David Funk and Jacob Funk and made oath that the aforegoing is the true and whole will of Henry Funk late of said County deceased that that come to their hands and possession and that they do not know of any other. At the same time came John Gray, Joseph Knelzer and John Witmer and made oath that they did see the Testatore herein named sign and seal this will that they heard him publish pronounce and declare the same to be his last Will and Testament that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their apprensions of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding and that they subscribed their names to this will in the presence and at the request of the Testator.

Certified by

George C. Smoot, Reg.



Notes on Hoffman and McCardell Families, from History and Biographical Record of Washington County, Maryland:


THE HOFFMAN FAMILY -- The ancestor of the Hoffman family originally came from Germany about 1750, and settled in Lancaster county, Pa. According to the earliest authentic records Robert Hoffman and his nephew, John Hoffman, left Lancaster County and settled at Rattlesnake Run, Jefferson Co., Va., about 1775. John Hoffman married Sallie Newcomer, daughter of Henry Newcomer, son of Wolfgang Newcomer, who emigrated from Switzerland in 1749, and landed in Philadelphia. Later he went to Lancaster Co., Pa., and his descendants subsequently settled in Washington County, Md., near Beaver Creek, as recorded in the genealogical record book of the Newcomer family.


David Hoffman, second son of John and Sallie Hoffman, was born at Rattlesnake Run, in Jefferson County, Va. He married Mary Lecklider, and afterwards married Hannah Ropp. Twelve children were born to him: Alfred, Samuel, Sallie, Joseph, Thomas, David, Mary, Jacob, Calvin, George, Eliza, and Kate.


John Calvin Hoffman, third son of David and Mary Hoffman, was born March 15, 1832, at Rattlesnake Run, Jefferson County, Va. His boyhood days were spent on his father's farm and his education was obtained at the neighboring school house at Moller's X-Roads. He left Virginia at the age of twenty years on horseback with all his earthly effects in a grip sack and with his father's blessing and well wishes for his future career came to Funkstown, Md., and secured a position in the general merchandise store of William H. Knode. He afterwards married his employer's second daughter, Miss Clara J. Knode, and engaged in business for himself at Funkstown until the breaking out of the Civil War, when he removed to Sharpsburg, and worked in the store of Josiah Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman were eye witnesses of the memorable battle of Antietam and could recall many thrilling incidents of that period. They came in contact with many of our leading army generals and officers on both sides. Mrs. Hoffman accompanied by her husband to the river's edge crossed to Virginia the day before the battle and he returned to look out for the home. On the day after the battle of Shepherdstown, three days after Antietam, the Confederates having crossed to Virginia, she was the first woman and we believe the first civilian to cross to Maryland again, in company with an old uncle in search of her husband. She was arrested as a spy upon landing and taken before General McClellan and some members of his staff but managed to get to Sharpsburg again before night, and to join her husband. After the war Mr. Hoffman came to Hagerstown, and remained there until his death, March 23, 1895.


In 1877 Mr. Hoffman engaged in the dry goods business with the late Albert J. Eyerly, and a few years later, after their store was burned out, he with his eldest son, William K. Hoffman, started the present prosperous and substantial business, now known as J.C. Hoffman's Sons, dry goods, notions, etc., in Hagerstown. He was a man of noble character and upright life, of genial disposition, and had as many friends and acquaintances as any man in Washington County in his day. He died on a Sunday morning, on his way to Zion Reformed Church, to which denomination he belonged as did all his Hoffman ancestry. After his death his wife resided at their house in Hagerstown until her death, which occurred March 4, 1906. They are both buried in Zion Reformed Cemetery, adjoining the church.


Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman had twelve children, seven of whom are living: William K., George K., Lloyd K., Calvin K., Joseph K., Mary K., who married John Ankeney, ex-tax collector of Washington County; and Frank K., a recent graduate in law at Columbia University, New York. The five first named sons now constitute the present business firm of J. C. Hoffman's Sons, as established by their father. They are all married and live in Hagerstown.


William K. Hoffman, was born in Funkstown, Md., September 30, 1860. When he was six years old his parents removed to Hagerstown, where he grew to manhood and received his education in the public

schools. In 1874 he entered the mercantile house of P.A. Brugh, of Hagerstown, as a package boy. In 1878 his father engaged in the dry goods business in Hagerstown and he immediately became a clerk in his father's store.


In 1882, Mr. Hoffman became a partner in his father's business under the firm name of J. C. Hoffman & Sons, which is still conducted under the old firm name.


In politics Mr. Hoffman is a staunch Democrat. He is a member of Zion Reformed Church, Hagerstown. He is past master of Friendship Lodge, No. 84, A.F. and A.M., of Hagerstown; past high priest, Ithiel Royal Arch Chapter, of Hagerstown; past captain general of St. Bernard's Commandery of Knights Templar, Hagerstown; a noble of the Mystic Shrine, of Boumi Temple, of Baltimore; the Royal Arcanum, and the Valley Lodge, K. of P., Hagerstown. Mr. Hoffman was appointed in 1901 as a member of the Washington County School Board for a term of three years, and was subsequently reappointed for six years. He is a member of the well known dry goods firm of J. C. Hoffman's Sons, Hagerstown. He married, September 2, 1885, Miss Sarah R. Seidenstricker, daughter of Capt. William H. Seidenstricker, of Hagerstown; they are the parents of four children, three of whom are living: Mary E.; William C., and Robert V. Mr. Hoffman ranks with the leading citizens and prominent business men of Hagerstown.


WILFRED H. McCARDELL, senior member of the firm of McCardell Brothers, was born in Williamsport District, No. 3, August 31, 1854, and is a son of Wilfred D. and Catherine (Humrichouse) McCardell.


His grandparents, Thomas and Annie McCardell, emigrated to this country from County Antrim, Ireland. They first settled in New Jersey, but afterwards came westward, and settled in the Williamsport District, where they owned a large farm, and a number of slaves. They had seven children: Richard P.; Wilfred D., Courtney Upton; Willoughby; Rebecca, who married Frank Dugan, and Annie, who married John French.


Wilfred D., second son of Thomas and Annie McCardell, was born about 1814, and died about 1861. He must have been a man of influence and popularity, as he was at one time nominated by the Whig party and elected to represent Washington County in the Maryland House of Delegates. About 1840, he married Catherine Humrichouse, a daughter of Frederick Post Humrichouse, who was a grandson of Christian Frederick Post, of colonial and Revolutionary fame. Their children were: Adrian C., wholesale confectioner, of Frederick, Md., and president of the Frederick County National Bank; Thomas E., of Washington, D.C., employed in the Government Printing Office; Mary A., who is the widow of Abraham Seidenstricker; Wilfed H.; Odelo D., of the firm of McCardell Brothers; Lucretia P., and Frederick and Alburtus, who died in childhood.


Wilfred H. McCardell was reared upon the family homestead, performed the usual duties of a farmer's lad, and attended the public schools of Williamsport. After the death of his father, in 1861, Hagerstown became his home, and for some time, he attended schools there....



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