How to Publish

If you have written a history of your branch of the Seidenstricker/Silknitter family, we will publish it on this website free of charge!!

Please send submissions as a word processing or text document attached to an E-mail message, or mail the file to us on a floppy disk. (We do not have the staff resources to retype your history if sent to us in hard-copy form.)

If you have photos of ancestors, family members or pictures of homes or farms, please mail them to us and we will digitize them and put them on this web site.  If you would prefer not to send us the originals, please go to a place like Kinko's where you can get color copies made and send us the color copies.  We ask for color copies, even of black and white photos, because a color copier will preserve more detail in the shadows and highlights than a black and white copier will.  Do not enlarge any of the photos.  Of course, if you prefer, you may send us digitized pictures on a floppy disk.

You can post short questions and comments directly on this website!  This new feature will enable you to read and respond to other questions or comments that have been posted as well.  Click here to try it out!

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