Seidenstricker/Silknitter Family

Photo Album

We have found no photographs or pictures of the first four generations of Seidenstrickers/Silknitters in America.

We have been able to obtain a number of photographs of William and Julia Ann (Sharp) Yost in the fifth generation and of their children in the sixth generation.  These are reproduced in this photo album.

In addition, we have obtained some photographs of scenes from Bad Drkheim, West Germany, where some of the Seidenstricker immigrants originated.

Scenes of Bad Drkheim, West Germany

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Fourth Generation in America:

Windsor Forge Manor, the location of the Windsor Forge.
Caernarvon Presbyterian church:  Clifford Yost and Jacob Silknitter gravestones
Henry and Catherine Seidenstricker gravestones

Fifth Generation in America:

Children of Clifford Yost and Elizabeth Silknitter:
John Yost and Sarah Ellen Smith
William Yost and Julia Ann Sharp
Mary Ann Yost and George Douts
Jacob Yost
Susan C. Yost
Joseph Gaston Yost and Anna Mary White
Caroline Yost and George Douts
George W. Yost and Margaret Louise Troup


Sixth Generation in America:

Children of William Yost and Julia Ann Sharp:
John Ellsworth Yost and Hannah Elizabeth Townsley
Martha Elizabeth Yost and John Howard Andes and Andrew Beck
Mary Emma Yost and Calvin Shellender
William Clifford Yost and Elizabeth Hannah Russell
Clara Matilda Yost and William McGuigan
Samuel Howard Yost and Lucy Kohr
Susan Florence Yost and Henry Abbott


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